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CDAIA and Mission Statement


The Colorado District Attorneys' Investigator's Association (CDAIA) is an organization consisting of all currently employed D.A. Investigators in the State of Colorado.


Its mission is to:

1) Facilitate relationships and collaboration between its members;

2) Support networking efforts;

3) Advocate for training, support, and resources for its membership;

4) Support the Colorado District Attorneys' Council in a cooperative and advisory capacity; and

5) Support membership goals and long-term plans.



Greg Couch


4th Judicial District

(719) 520-6071



1580 Logan Street, Suite 420

Denver, CO 80203

Phone (303) 830-9115

Fax (303) 830-8378


Correspondence to President

105 E Vermijo Avenue, Suite 300

Colorado Springs, CO 80903
About the Board

About Greg Couch

Investigator, 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office - Colorado Springs

Greg was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK.  At an early age, he became aware he wanted to serve his community as a police officer.   At the age of 16, he became a police dispatcher/911 operator.  Greg retired from the Oklahoma City Police Department at the rank of Sergeant.  He has been awarded several commendations for his hard work and also, The Medal of Valor.  

After almost thirty years, he is still in law enforcement, with 24 years’ experience in Patrol, Investigations, Tact Team, Aviation Unit, Training, and mid-level management.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, Hope, who is a police officer as well, and her two children, Evan and Sophia.  Some of Greg’s hobbies are, photography, videography and editing, graphics design, and owning a Mobile Entertainment/Production company.  

Here is Greg’s personal philosophy on training:

“Life is a constant classroom.  There is always something new to learn.  Whether that means attending a class and learning from an instructor, or teaching a class and learning from students.  Law Enforcement is one of the most dangerous professions there is.  It is critical that we, as Law Enforcement Officers and Instructors, stay on the cutting edge of technology and best practices.  Our lives, and those we serve, depend on it.  My philosophy on teaching is bringing my past experiences and training to those who may benefit from it.  I had the opportunity to receive knowledge from some very smart and brave people throughout my 30-year career in Law Enforcement.  My goal is to never let that knowledge go to waste.  I feel it is my duty to “pay it forward,” for future generations of my brothers and sisters.  I have committed my life and my career to the pursuit of excellence.”